iPhone 15 Pro’s New Design

iPhone 15 Pro Revealed

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next iPhone model, and now, new design leaks of the iPhone 15 Pro have been revealed, showcasing some interesting new features.

One of the most significant changes to the iPhone 15 Pro design is the introduction of new buttons. The power button, which was previously located on the side of the device, has now been moved to the top of the phone, making it easier to access. This is a major departure from the design of previous models, which had the power button located on the side.

Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro also features a new volume button design. Instead of the traditional up and down buttons, the new design has a circular button that can be rotated to adjust the volume. This new design is not only visually appealing, but it also allows for more precise volume control.

Other design changes include a slightly larger screen, thinner bezels, and a smaller front-facing camera notch. The new screen size is expected to be around 6.7 inches, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 6.5-inch screen. The thinner bezels will make the phone look sleeker, while the smaller notch will make for a more immersive viewing experience.

Despite the changes to the design, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to retain many of the features that users have come to love. It will likely still have Face ID, wireless charging, and a triple-lens camera system.

As with all leaks, it’s important to take these design reveals with a grain of salt. While the images and information appear to be legitimate, Apple has not confirmed any details about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. However, if the leaks are accurate, it’s safe to say that Apple fans are in for a treat with the new design changes.

Overall, the iPhone 15 Pro design reveals are exciting news for Apple fans, as they showcase new and innovative changes to the beloved iPhone. With the new button designs and other improvements, the iPhone 15 Pro is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated phone releases of the year